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ATPL(A) theory online course

NOW is the BEST time to start your pilot career with flexible payment.

With our innovative all-inclusive ATPL online program, you’ll kick-start your dream with ease!

eLearning platform

Study online everywhere, anytime with our eLearning platform

Bristol Ground School access

Offering engaging interactive video animations, quizzes, excellent diagrams, and comprehensive explanations.

Aviation exam question bank

The key to exam preparation is using question banks, allowing students to practice exam-style questions.

Jeppesen General Student Pilot Route Manual

Practise map reading for exams and real life.

CAP documents, E6B and extras

For better understanding and comprehension.

Complete ATPL course in 7 months with 4-module efficient program

Based on valuable student feedback, our ATPL Theory online course has been created to optimize the learning process for maximum efficiency. With an average study commitment of 20 hours per week, students can typically complete the course within 7 months. This program offers flexibility, enabling students with full-time jobs or other responsibilities to extend their study period for up to 18 months, tailoring it to their unique schedules.

The course is divided into 4 modules, each lasting for 7 weeks . So in what way is our schedule special?

VictorOne - ATPLA exam - All-inclusive ATPL online program - Start your pilot career with flexible payment.

We’ve prioritized students’ needs during their studies. Drawing from our experience, students often encounter overwhelming amounts of information when studying, dealing with multiple “hard” subjects at once. To address these issues, we restructured the modules. Now, each module combines harder and easier subjects for a smoother learning curve, boosting efficiency. This means students spend less time studying each subject. With four modules, the workload for each is more manageable. Our approach is all about cdelivering a more effective learning experience tailored to students’ needs.

VictorOne - ATPLA exam - All-inclusive ATPL online program - Start your pilot career with flexible payment.

Learn from well established pilots, dispatchers, and ATC professionals

After each module, there is a a revision week featuring live online consultations with our diverse team of instructors. Our instructors bring expertise from various aviation sectors, including Air Traffic Control, Dispatching, Business Jet Piloting, and Major European Airlines. This diverse background allows students to gain unique insights and a broader understanding of aviation topics.

For instance, an ATC controller can provide clearer explanations for communication-related subjects than a pilot.

Study ATPL everywhere at any time whilst carrying out your other responsibilities

Our ATPL theory course is entirely online, allowing students to study and attend live revision weeks consultations from anywhere in Europe. As an EASA approved flight school, students who have completed our ATPL course can take exams in their own country if it is an EASA member state, which includes most European countries. Living in Norway, France or Hungary? No problem, complete our course and attend the exams at yor home country.

And there is one more thing. This is truly our standout offering, which will prove its importance once you begin your ATPL journey. Prior to the course commencement, a former ATPL graduate will share invaluable tips and tricks for efficient ATPL preparation. 

This is crucial because the study material volume can be overwhelming, and students often struggle to find the most effective study methods. These insights can save significant study time and stress, making the learning process much more efficient. These ATPL tips and tricks are also available in PDF format and you can have them for FREE now.

Get a FREE PDF Study Guide with 90% pass rate!

ATPL Tips & Tricks: Discover Proven Strategies to Achieve a 90% + Pass Rate on Your ATPL Exams!

VictorOne - ATPLA exam - All-inclusive ATPL online program - Start your pilot career with flexible payment.

We offer study tips and tricks for efficient ATPL studying

“Responsive time, team is very professional. Highly recommended.”

Jan, pilot

“Quick, top, good service. Appreciate the motivation of the instructors.”

Ana, MCC training stage

“Friendly, flexible, satisfied with the whole process.”

Petr, MEP training stage

Any questions? We're here to help!

Don’t hesitate to ask! We can help you with anything that might prevent you from following your pilot dreams!


No need to pay the full price at once!
We offer flexible payment methods for ATPL course.

Once you apply for our course, expect an email containing your application form and contract.
Choose your payment plan: pick an instalment option in the application form and pay a fraction upfront.
Access ALL study materials, start your course, and pay remaining instalments as you progress.

Need more info about ATPL financing?

Let’s look at ATPL from a student perspective

“The top priority for me is having everything I need to study. It’s crucial for students to know what materials are necessary for studying (like charts and question banks, which I didn’t realize before). Paying one price and getting everything saves me from buying additional study materials.”

“A student-focused ATPL schedule is fantastic, but I didn’t fully understand how it would impact my daily life until I began studying. This might be something potential candidates aren’t aware of before starting the course, but having combined easier with harder subjects really makes it easier to study. Combining General Navigation involving a lot of calculations with Communications made my days a lot easier since Gnav was really tough, but Comms were easy.”

VictorOne - ATPLA exam - All-inclusive ATPL online program - Start your pilot career with flexible payment.

“Having industry experts leading the education is undeniably beneficial; I prefer learning from seasoned aviation professionals. However, it seems that the prevailing mentality among most students is focused on completing the course as quickly as possible, so I am glad that I found a flight school where the focus was not only on completing the consultations as fast as possible, but actually teaching the students useful theory and insights from aviation.”

VictorOne - ATPLA exam - All-inclusive ATPL online program - Start your pilot career with flexible payment.

100% online – this would be the first thing I would be looking in a course

“Before I started, I didn’t pay much attention to the provided study tips. They didn’t seem that important to me, since I couldn’t imagine how hard and extensive the studies would be. But once started the course, I realized how much they helped. Now, I see how crucial they are for saving study time. Letting other students know about the provided study tips could really save them a lot of nerves.”

“Payment flexibility matters a lot to me, especially in aviation where things can get pricey. When I see how much all the flying and theory courses cost, spreading those expenses out over time really makes the whole process of financing my pilot career more manageable.”

Need more info?

ATPL course description

The Airline Transport Pilot Theory course in our flight school is an online distance learning course. This means that you can study from everywhere in the world at your own pace, allowing you to shape the course around your other duties. It is designed in accordance with EASA regulation.

The ATPL(A) theory online course lasts for a total of 650 hours, which includes 80 hours of online consultations. It is divided into four modules, with each module lasting for seven weeks. During the first six weeks of each module, you will study the theoretical material at your own pace. You can mark any topics that are unclear to you and discuss them with our experienced instructors during the consultations in the seventh week.

VictorOne - ATPLA exam - All-inclusive ATPL online program - Start your pilot career with flexible payment.

The modules were created with student learning efficacy in mind. This means, that we devided the 13 ATPL (A) subjects (plus KSA) in to 4 modules, which allow for a more evenly spread-out learning experience so our students can grasp the subject matter more effectively and with greater ease compared to a 3-module program. Furthermore, every module is created in a way, that »easier« or »less time consuming« subjects are paired with harder ones. In this way, the learing process is evenly spread among all modules so no module is more time consuming than the other ones.

Before starting a new module, you must successfully complete the previous one with passing progress tests, ensuring that you have a thorough understanding of the material before moving on to the next stage of the course. The ATPL(A) theory online course  course can be completed in just 7 months when learning for 20 hours per week on average. However, you will have a total of 18 months to complete the course, giving you plenty of flexibility to study at your own pace.

*Holders of the CPL(A) license will be credited with 250 hours and holders of the IR rating will be credited with 150 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction towards the ATPL (A) course.

By completing this ATPL(A) theory online course, you will be well-equipped with the knowledge and skills required to pass the theory exams and begin your career as a licensed pilot.
VictorOne - ATPLA exam - All-inclusive ATPL online program - Start your pilot career with flexible payment.

The 14 ATPL(A) theory online course subjects are divided into the following modules:

Module 1

022 – AGK-Instrumentation
040 – Human Performances
061 – General Navigation
090 – Communication

Module 2

010 – Air Law
033 – Flight Planning and Monitoring
062 – Radio Navigation

Module 3

032 – Performance
050 – Meteorology
081 – Principles of Flight

Module 4

021 – AGK- Airframes, Systems and Powerplant
031 – Mass and Balance
070 – Operational Procedures

The 14th subject is Area KSA (Knowledge, Skills and Attitude) which is integrated in the first three modules.

Everything you need to study included

We know, that books are not the only thing you need for ATPL learning. And honestly, who would enjoy reading a 600 page long book for one subject? We want to make your learning experience as fun and efficient as possible. That’s why we partnered up with Bristol Ground School to provide you with comprehensive computer based training, which consists of video lectures and interactive quizzes. 

Every ATPL student’s best friend is an online question bank for practice exams, so we included the Aviationexam question bank as well in the course package. Your learning schedule will be published on our e-learning platform, where you will also get additional materials and videos for better understanding of the topics and the possibility to mark unclear parts to discuss them during the consultation hours. On top of that, you will need some other required study materials such as a flight computer, Jeppsen Enroute Student Manual and CAP manuals. Don’t worry, you will get that as well.

You get all these features in our ATPL(A) theory online course, there are no hidden additional costs.

Our pricing program for ATPL(A) course: 2.990 EUR
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