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ATPL(A) Theory Course for CPL & IR Holders

Course description

In our flight school we provide the possibility for pilots who already hold their ICAO CPL or IR license to attend the ATPL(A) online theory course, but in an accelerated form.

This is the so called “credit system” and is outlined in Annex I Part FCL of EU regulation no. 1178/2011.

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Credits are applied for applicants holding one of the following licences or ratings, whereby the total amount of hours of theoretical knowledge instruction is reduced from 650 hours to: 

  • a. 400 hours for applicants holding a CPL(A),
  • b. 500 hours for applicants holding an IR(A),
  • c. 250 hours for applicants holding a CPL(A) and an IR(A).
This means that the total amount of hours required to study the subjects will be reduced in accordance with your license. The CPL and IR license holders are also credited towards the subject communications, so you don’t have to do the subject at all.
We provide you with the same study materials as in the full ATPL online courses:
  • Access to our online learning platform
  • Acess to Bristol Ground School learning materials
  • Access to Aviationexam questionbank
  • Access to the digital format of Jeppsen Student Pilot Route Manual

At VictorOne, we provide personalized courses based on the credit system. For pricing information, please email us at

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