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ATPL(H)/IR theory online course

Course description

The Airline Transport Pilot Theory course in our flight school is an online distance learning course. This means that you can study from everywhere in the world at your own pace, allowing you to shape the course around your other duties. It is designed in accordance with EASA regulation.

The ATPL(H)/IR theory online course lasts for a total of 650 hours, which includes 80 hours of online consultations. It is divided into four modules, with each module lasting for seven weeks. During the first six weeks of each module, you will study the theoretical material at your own pace. You can mark any topics that are unclear to you and discuss them with our experienced instructors during the consultations in the seventh week.

The modules were created with student learning efficacy in mind. This means, that we devided the 13 ATPL (H) subjects (plus KSA) in to 4 modules, which allow for a more evenly spread-out learning experience so our students can grasp the subject matter more effectively and with greater ease compared to a 3-module program. Furthermore, every module is created in a way, that »easier« or »less time consuming« subjects are paired with harder ones. In this way, the learing process is evenly spread among all modules so no module is more time consuming than the other ones.

Before starting a new module, you must successfully complete the previous one with passing progress tests, ensuring that you have a thorough understanding of the material before moving on to the next stage of the course. The ATPL(H)/IR theory online course  course can be completed in just 7 months when learning for 20 hours per week on average. However, you will have a total of 18 months to complete the course, giving you plenty of flexibility to study at your own pace.

For all pilots, who have already passed the ATPL exams for airplanes, we offer a so called BRIDGING PROGRAM. This means, that you will have to attend only the following subjects: aircraft general knowledge, instrumentation, performance, operational procedures, and principles of flight.

*Holders of the CPL(H) and IR(H) license  will be credited with 400 hours Holders of the CPL(H) license will be credited with 250 hours, holders of the IR(H)rating will be credited with 150 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction towards the ATPL(H) course.

By completing this ATPL(H)/IR theory online course, you will be well-equipped with the knowledge and skills required to pass the theory exams and begin your career as a licensed pilot.

General course structure

The 14 ATPL(H)/IR theory online course subjects are divided into the following modules:

  • 022 – AGK-Instrumentation
  • 040 – Human Performances
  • 061 – General Navigation
  • 090 – Communication
  • 010 – Air Law
  • 033 – Flight Planning and Monitoring
  • 062 – Radio Navigation
  • 034 – Performance
  • 050 – Meteorology
  • 082 – Principles of Flight
  • 021 – AGK- Airframes, Systems and Powerplant
  • 031 – Mass and Balance
  • 070 – Operational Procedures

The 14th subject is Area KSA (Knowledge, Skills and Attitude) which is integrated in the first three modules.

Everything you need to study included

We know, that books are not the only thing you need for ATPL learning. And honestly, who would enjoy reading a 600 page long book for one subject? We want to make your learning experience as fun and efficient as possible. That’s why we partnered up with Bristol Ground School to provide you with comprehensive computer based training, which consists of video lectures and interactive quizzes. Every ATPL student’s best friend is an online question bank for practice exams, so we included the Aviationexam question bank as well in the course package. Your learning schedule will be published on our e-learning platform, where you will also get additional materials and videos for better understanding of the topics and the possibility to mark unclear parts to discuss them during the consultation hours. On top of that, you will need some other required study materials such as a flight computer, Jeppsen Enroute Student Manual and CAP manuals. Don’t worry, you will get that as well.

Course information overview

  • The course lasts for a total of 650 hours, which includes 80 hours of online consultations
  • Complete the course in just 7 months with 20 hours of learning per week, or take up to 18 months at your own pace
  • Our course has four seven-week modules, with six weeks of self-study and one week for revision and consultations
  • Join our online course starting in July, September or November. Click here for the exact course start dates
  • In accordance with EASA regulation
  • License: holder of at least PPL(H) license
Our pricing program for ATPL(H)/IR course: 3990 EUR
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