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Unveiling the VictorOne Language Testing Body

Unveiling the VictorOne Language Testing Body

At VictorOne, our journey of innovation and adaptability continues. We are proud to announce our new role as a Language Testing Body (LTB) with the registration SI.LTB.001, offering aviation English phraseology examinations that meet the standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

A Shift to Online Convenience

Our goal was to make the convenience of the pilots our priority, thats why our language proficiency examination is done entirelly online. This means that candidates can now complete their examinations from the comfort of their own homes or any location that suits them. No more hassle of commuting to a testing center; we’ve brought the examination center to you.

Scheduling Freedom for Aviators

Flexibility is a core tenet of our approach. At VictorOne, we understand that our candidates have busy lives, filled with training and preparations for their careers in the skies or a busy pilot duty schedule. That’s why we’ve empowered candidates to choose the date and time of their language examination according to their availability.

In practice this means that after applying for the ICAO English phraseology exam, you’ll receive an email with an application form and instructions. Simply provide us with three dates and corresponding times when you’re available for the exam. Our examiners will then schedule the examination based on your preferences.

Fast Results Alongside Affordable Testing

Time is of the essence in aviation, and we respect that. At VictorOne, we’ve streamlined our examination process to deliver results within two working days.

We believe in offering cost-effective solutions. VictorOne’s aviation English phraseology examination is priced at just 170 euros and we’re here to make sure it’s accessible to all aspiring commercial pilots.

Check out here how the examination process works and book your testing date today.


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